Our houses to let are selected after the comforts and utilities that they present. Their standard is good and fits the customers’ needs. Houses n On each description card you will find information about our houses (including photographs, periods of availability and prices).

To take possession of a house, each tenant has to:


  • provide us with the identity cards of all guests;
  • to pay in full the agreed price; 
  • to pay a € 150,00 cautional deposit for possible damages caused to the house and what pertains to it. This deposit will be given back after the tenant’s delivery of keys and our checking the conditions of the house;
  • to pay € 50 for final cleaning;
  • to signal possible differences found in the house not farther than the day following his/her arrival;
  • not to sublet the house.


The tenant is bound to take care of the house; he/she is responsible for any damages or missing objects imputable to him/her; possible damages have to be signaled to the Agency so as to find agreements about the extent of the damages themselves.

You can reserve a house by phone; of course, you will have to specify buyfor sale watches uk online your identity data. Booking includes a 30 % deposit of the total price; for safety’s sake, you will have to send us a receipt for payment.
Cancellations have to be communicated at least 30 days before the location starts. If so, the Agency will give back the customer half of the caution deposit; otherwise, no amount is due.



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